• Bring GWI to your school

    Green Wellness Institute is easy to put into place as an extracurricular or supplemental activity to reinforce and give more “hands-on” application of chemistry, art, botany and math. Our research-backed curriculum are designed to engage students of all backgrounds, developmental levels and learning styles.

  • Add STEM and STEAM to Your Existing Program

    Do you currently own or operate an afterschool, summer camp, or other education enrichment program? Green Wellness Institute can help enhance it by adding our award-winning project-based STEM, STEAM and Artisian Wellness programs.

  • Start/Enhance Your Business

    Feel the joy and satisfaction of starting a company with a positive impact. Green Wellness Institute has high quality, well-proven step-by-step resources, classes and courses that provides you with everything you need to establish a successful green beauty or wellness business and make a difference in the world.


If you have made it this far, then we know that you are ready to take your journey with beauty, health and wellness to the new heights. Green Wellness Institute is a learning institute that focuses on creating high performing non-toxic wellness and beauty products, for yourself, or for a successful business. With engaging projects, hands-on activities, online and in-person instruction, the Green Wellness Institute is committed to broadening and enhancing STEM and STEAM enrichment education and learning opportunities that empower and increase diversity in the world of science and technology.


With natural ingredients at its center, botanically inspired  products are meant to pamper you, delivering efficacious benefits and results that are impactful . We believe formulating personal care products, wellness tinctures and beautiful cosmetics should be transparent, authentic and inspire sustainability. For this reason, we've designed a collection of resource of courses, classes and digital products that you can easily access from any smart device. Whether you area someone that wants to create for themselves and loved ones or you are exploring career options, Green Wellness Institute has something for you. 


Empower our community with the knowledge so you can understand why we choose the non-toxic routine in personal care and wellness and everyday . 

Educate our community on the correct way to make beauty, health and wellness products. Avoid widespread mistakes and misinformation by learning from professionals in the beauty industry; cosmetic formulators and chemists.

Elevate our community by teaching you wellness systems, strategies and concepts to help you enhance your everyday day life or your beauty, health and wellness business.


  • "Bri and her team is so helpful and understanding. I've been formulating fo 5 years and still learned so much."

    Ida - New Jersey

  • “The Class was informative and my instructor was very patient. I will be taking more classes to help me better formulate in my business”

    Misses B - Michigan

  • Making more advanced products and learning about the science behind them all was amazing. I make my own skicare products now!

    Mira - Florida


Self-paced Online Courses to help you expertly create, elevate and master a formulating for beauty businesses that impact you and your family's wellness and help your beauty business create a life you love while spreading the knowledge about the benefits of the beautiful botanical serums, balms, toners, cosmetics, cleansers, lotions and tinctures you create.