About Us, The Green Wellness Institute

Green Wellness Institute (GWI) is a social enterprise that’s empowering green sustainability in STEM and entrepreneurship. GWS was founded by Bri Muhammad, (Chemist) with a vision that we will live in a world where we are all aware, educated and making movement towards sustainability in the personal care, wellness and beauty industry. Bri Muhammad is a green beauty chemistry advocate, educator, and leader in STEM education and women entrepreneurship. Since Green Wellness Institute’s inception, over 200 lives have been empowered to pursue science and entrepreneurship through our curriculums, classes and courses. Our curriculum introduces chemistry botany and sustainablility through cosmetic chemistry and business development activities. Participants of our programs learn STEM concepts by formulating high-performing skincare, wellness and personal care products. In addition to designing high performing products and packaging that sells, impacts lives and attracts investors by competing in the GWI’s first annual pitch competition which will becoming at the end of the year 2023.

  • Bring GWI to your school

    Green Wellness Institute is easy to put into place as an extracurricular or supplemental activity to reinforce and give more “hands-on” application of chemistry, art, botany and math. Our research-backed curriculum are designed to engage students of all backgrounds, developmental levels and learning styles.

  • Add STEM and STEAM to Your Existing Program

    Do you currently own or operate an afterschool, summer camp, or other education enrichment program? Green Wellness Institute can help enhance it by adding our award-winning project-based STEM, STEAM and Artisian Wellness programs.

  • Start/Enhance Your Business

    Feel the joy and satisfaction of starting a company with a positive impact. Green Wellness Institute has high quality, well-proven step-by-step resources, classes and courses that provides you with everything you need to establish a successful green beauty or wellness business and make a difference in the world.

Our Story

In 2016, Green Wellness Institute’s sister company The Beaute Loft kicked off one of the first Beauty and Stem hands-on experiences with it’s popular Soapmaking workshops. As the need for more STEM and STEAM related activities, workshops and classes arose, the Green Wellness Institute was born. GWI endeavors to make math, botany, chemistry, and phytochemistry and interesting and relatable, fostering a sense of connection among each other.

In today’s world, we see more worlds like "clean" and "natural" popping up in every category but more specifically personal care, wellness and the beauty industry. This is because consumers and the world we live in is shifting it’s efforts to create products that are environmentally-friendly and contain less toxic and potentially harmful ingredients. 

It’s fairly easy to find traditional cosmetic chemistry resources. It is more difficult to find cosmetic chemistry resources that are progressive and geared towards a greener future. The future is green. We need more botanists, herbalists, phytochemist, cosmetic chemist and researchers. We need more resources geared towards more sustainable and enviromentally friendly resources.

The Green Wellness Institute has developed fresh and immersive STEAM and STEM green beauty curriculums, created cosmetic chemistry kits, and built strong partnerships with schools, community organizations, and educators worldwide. Our mission is to broaden and enhance STEAM enrichment education and learning opportunities through green beauty that empower sustainable science opportunities and knowledge and increase diversity.