Inspiring the faces of STEM and STEAM

The Green Wellness Institute is dedicated to bridging the gaps of gender, social, racial and financial inequalities.

Through our social impact initiatives, the Green Wellness Institute is empowering and educating our enviromentally aware and progressively green grgenerations. We believe that people of every gender, ethnicity, background, ability and socioeconomic status deserve to have access to connected learning opportunities.


    Thanks to our powerful partnerships, GWI has the ability to link resources from business and industry. We provide K-12 public and private schools, and out-of-school time professional development, the best practices, and resources to engage students and parents in hands-on quality-driven green beauty STEM/STEAM learning opportunities.


    GWI programs engage everyone in project-based learning DIY cosmetic chemistry projects and entrepreneurship programs, working to bridge the economic gender gaps. Our goal is to engage and empower girls in STEM and STEAM, enriching our green future.


    Since our inception, we have always paid it forward and shared our resources with  other educators and community organizations. GWI has donated over 1000 lip balms, science kits, and lab equipment to families caught in the digital divide. We are passionate about being proactive in empowering families with cutting-edge technology and supplies that servers and immediate need.

Our Story

In 2016, Green Wellness Institute’s sister company The Beaute Loft kicked off one of the first Beauty and Stem hands-on experiences with it’s popular Soapmaking workshops. As the need for more STEM and STEAM related activities, workshops and classes arose, the Green Wellness Institute was born. GWI endeavors to make math, botany, chemistry, and phytochemistry and interesting and relatable, fostering a sense of connection among each other.

In today’s world, we see more worlds like "clean" and "natural" popping up in every category but more specifically personal care, wellness and the beauty industry. This is because consumers and the world we live in is shifting it’s efforts to create products that are environmentally-friendly and contain less toxic and potentially harmful ingredients. 

It’s fairly easy to find traditional cosmetic chemistry resources. It is more difficult to find cosmetic chemistry resources that are progressive and geared towards a greener future. The future is green. We need more botanists, herbalists, phytochemist, cosmetic chemist and researchers. We need more resources geared towards more sustainable and enviromentally friendly resources.

The Green Wellness Institute has developed fresh and immersive STEAM and STEM green beauty curriculums, created cosmetic chemistry kits, and built strong partnerships with schools, community organizations, and educators worldwide. Our mission is to broaden and enhance STEAM enrichment education and learning opportunities through green beauty that empower sustainable science opportunities and knowledge and increase diversity.